Rejuvena SL Ultrasonic & Ion Skin Care System Specifications


Rejuvena Specifications


Battery Charge
1) Recharge the Rejuvena sL when it beeps, signaling that the battery is low.
2) Some generation of heat will occur when charging which is an ordinary condition.
The Rejuvena sL is ready to be used in approximately two hours.

Characteristics of the Rejuvena sL.
The Rejuvena sL has 1 Button.
1) Press 1 time: Turns on Ultrasonic (30,000/vps) and negative Ion (galvanic deep cleansing) together.
2) Press 1 more time: Turns on Ion transmitter for Liquid Vitamin C Nutrition.
3) Press 1 more time: Turns off

Function of the Rejuvena sL
1) Ultrasonic and Negative Ion: Increase collagen, Removes old cells and other toxins, and Galvanic deep cleansing.
2) Ion transmitter: Lifting, Nutrition, transmit Liquid Vitamin C to deep inside skin.

*Preliminary Preparation. Use Pure 0+ for facial Care. Pure 0+ for troubled skin treatment which restores
your skin to a healthy condition.

Pure C Liquid

Pure C Liquid Ionized Vitamin C.

Professional Formulation

Safety - Allergy Dermatologist Tested.

PURE C. Liquid Advanced C serum is a unique, oil free patented Vitamin C formulation that contains powerful Anti-oxidants designed to help reduce the visible signs of aging and sagging skin.
Directions : Use before using the Rejuvena Ionzyme mode. Use outward motion to face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

Ingredients : Mulberry and Licorice Root extract and Water(Aqua). Ascorbic Acid. Zinc Sulghate Glycine. Sodium. Grape seed.


Pure C Collagen

Pure O+

Pure O plus Ionized Mineral Water

Professional Formulation

Safety - allergy dermatologist tested.

Richway PURE O PLUS, Ionized mineral water. Control pH level 6.5 protect your younger looking skin. This technologically advanced moisturizing protects the skin from damage and repairs the already damaged skin.

Directions : Spray before using the Rejuvena Ultrasonic or Negative Ions. Outward motion to face and neck, avoiding the eye area.


Pure O+


Pure O plus with Aromatherpy (Lavender)

Lavender has been extensively used in herbalism. An Infusion of lavender is claimed to soothe and heal. Lavender is frequently used as an aid to sleep and relax. Extract of lavender is claimed to heal acne. It is also used in the treatment of skin burns and inflammation. There is scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of some of these remedies, especially the anti-inflammatory effect.

Ingredients : Water(Agua), Magnsium. Lavender Extract.


Rejuvena title heading

Wonderful skin begins here!

Experience the effectiveness of the Ultrasonic,
and Negative and Positive Ion System in improving skin roughness.
Smooth, lustrous skin is revealed gently and naturally.

Richway developed the technology of the Rejuvena sL
and scientifically created it to respond to the real needs of aging skin.
When the skin is unable to exfoliate naturally,
the surface of the skin begins to build up old cells,
and its appearance becomes dull.
1) Ultrasonic Massage / Unbelievable effects

The Rejuvena sL generates a wide range of ultrasonic vibrations, the 30,000/vps setting allows nutrition to penetrate deep into the skin through the Netzschicht layer. The result is healthy and supple skin, better blood circulation, removing the appearance of wrinkles. The special effect of the micro-vibrations of ultrasonic massage is the double effect of a pull and push movement in a vacuum. The micro-vibrations generated by ultrasonic massages all the skin cells.

When the skin cells are influenced by the micro-vibrations, the waste material and toxins are eliminated from the cells naturally. When the vibrations stop, fresh nutrition is absorbed into the cells to fill the space made by the elimination of waste materials. When this process is repeated, enough hormones are supplied to the skin cells that the cells are reactivated.

2) Negative Ions / Deep cleansing (Galvanic)

When Negative Ions are used, it greatly improves blood circulation and penetrates deeply into the derma layer and into the basic cell layer as well. This smooths wrinkles, contracts the sweat pores and makes the skin supple. The stimulus of Negative Ions deeply massages face muscles removing deep wrinkles.

3) Ionzyme or Positive Ions settings are used with the Ionized Vitamin C

The Rejuvena sL was developed considering various characteristics of the body. So, various effects can be achieved with only one massage. You will begin to see the results of moisturizing and preventing wrinkles with the use of Ionized Vitamin C.

4) In conclusion, the Rejuvena sL does the following :

Aged skin will become supple since Ultrasonic waves stimulate skin muscles with vertical and centrifugal movements. This process reactivates the aged skin cells, making the skin supple and healthy and beautiful.

You will get deep cleansed skin. The major reason for skin problems is waste material in the skin cells and a reduction of metabolism of the skin cells. Ultrasonic Micro-Vibrations (30,000 vps) penetrates deeply into the skin eliminating waste material and stimulating the metabolism of the skin cells so it will give you healthy and clean skin.

5) Why does the Human Age?

Is there any possible way to maintain a youthful look? To satisfy the desire of women who want to keep a youthful look, new technologies to prevent aging have been developed. The cause of wrinkles will be decreased. The skin has a hard time absorbing nutrition. The remarkable effect of the Rejuvena sL High Tech Ultrasonic Skin Care System (which was developed considering the above physiological mechanisms) has been proven to reverse the Aging Process.

How to use the Rejuvena Ultasonic Care Unit
Using Rejuvena
How to use Negative Ion Mode
Rejuvena Negative Ion Mode
How to use Ionzyme Mode
How to use Ionzyme

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